We work with major device manufacturers to stock the latest wireless devices including smartphones, tablets, hotspots, accessories and new devices that make up the growing “Internet of Things”.
Successful execution is nearly impossible without proper planning. Our team has helped launch hundreds of products and programs. Our attention to detail ensures that the right products are in the right places at the right time.
Online or in-store, product launch or clearance sale, promotion or positioning, Ice Mobility can help increase sales. Whether it's point-of-sale material, unique displays, outbound marketing, or a coordinated program that incorporates multiple elements, we drive product sales.
We deliver product to retail distribution centers, individual stores or even directly to consumers. As a full-solution provider, we also manage stock rebalancing and reverse logistics. Our team of certified specialists repair, refurbish and redistribute returned product so that agents and retailers can squeeze the most profit out of their wireless business.
Access to key reporting is essential to understanding results, finding trends and driving success. That intelligence can then be applied to the planning process to constantly improve programs, processes and the bottom line.